WTF Is a Caucus?

First off,


Step One:

Figure out your ward and who is running

Check our Who's Running page and find out what ward you live in and who you can support. We've provided a link to candidates pages. From there you can learn about their values, tell them that you support them, donate, volunteer, etc. Candidates and their campaigns will be there on caucus night, but if you check out their websites you will probably be able to find out a time to talk to them in advance.

Learn about the process.

Usually when folks engage voters, they are telling them to come out and vote in the general election. But actually, the process starts way before then, with caucuses. Precinct caucuses are meetings of political parties (and in Minneapolis only the DFL has precinct level caucuses in odd years), and they are the first step in the party endorsement process. It's pretty simple. You show up, meet your neighbors, hear from the candidates and their supporters, and decide who to support. You can then get elected to be a delegate to your ward convention, where a city council candidate from your ward will be endorsed, and also city convention, where a mayoral candidate and park board candidates will be endorsed.

Want to know more? Check out this video from Our Revolution Twin Cities.

Step Two:

Find out where to caucus and register for your caucus night.

Map created by Devin Hogan.

Step Three:


Registration starts at 6:30, and the actual process begins at 7. Give yourself a little extra time to check-in and get to the room where your precinct will gather. Don't be afraid to ask questions of the convener. 

Become a delegate!

The most important part of going to caucuses is becoming a delegate to the ward convention, and hopefully to the city convention as well. Caucus night is the shot you get to claim your power. Don't miss out! Ward Conventions might not seem like the most fun way to spend your Saturday, but it gives you a shot at making a major impact on the fate of your city! Your precinct will elect delegates, and all you need to do is get on that list! If there are more people running than there are slots, you can also become an alternate. 

Step Four:

Ward Conventions

April 22: Convention for Wards 4, 5, 7, 10

April 29: Convention for Wards 1, 8, 9*,11, 13

May 6: Convention for Wards 2, 3, 6, 12

If you are elected to be a delegate to your ward convention, it is critical that you go! This is where the endorsement of City Council Candidates actually takes place. Every delegate plays a critical role! The endorsement goes to the candidate that can get 60% of the delegates votes. If it doesn’t happen on the first round of voting, balloting continues until a candidate reaches the 60% threshold, the maximum number of ballot rounds has been reached, or 51% of the delegates decide to not endorse any candidate.

The convention process can be long, but campaigns will do their best to make this an enjoyable process for you. Dress comfortably, wear layers and bring a water bottle!

Step Five: 

July 8th: City Convention

City Convention is where a candidate for Mayor is endorsed, but also where we endorse at-large candidates for park board. If you want to be a part of this process, make sure you get elected as a delegate at your precinct caucus!